-Bumber Shoote 2017

​There is a magic to the world

​That only the Fool and Poet know

​A magic and mystery that no wise man comprehends

​The innocence of the world is lost in thought

Lord take the guns out of school
And give my child guidance
Hold him when he is scared
Stroke his head when he cries
And keep his words true
And keep his heart true
And all the other things
I just can’t find time to do.

And God take the guns off the street
And stop and meet my neighbors
And please pet the dog on your way
I was going to
But I’ve been too busy today

And Lord make me some friends
While you are out
I was going to
But I don’t feel like getting out and about

I know you said you would carry me
In times when I can’t walk
But Lord I just can’t find it
In myself to continue today

So if you’re not too busy
With Heaven and Earth and all that bit
I’m having trouble reaching my ass
Can you give me a hand wiping it.

-          Bumber Shoote 2017

.​Bumber Shoote - 2017



​The American Democracy is a 

Grand Experiment - Alexander Hamilton

-Bumber Shoote 2017

I got mad and called a woman a "Twat Tart"

A good insult

But I imagine a horrible pastry.

Until recently I thought I was in the Control Group

-Bumber Shoote 2017